Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Our punishment

Well we've managed to get rid of British Gas. We cut them off and got a new supplier. And in retaliation, they send us a bill for £1,335.28.

This, apparently, is the final gas bill for gas used from 26 May to 26 June. One month! My goodness, we must have had the heating turned up. And all the gas rings going. 24 hours a day.

But, British Gas, it still wouldn't be enough, would it? Dash! What could it be, I wonder? The cooker's electric, so that can't be it. And the gas lights were dismantled some decades ago, so that can't be it either. Could it be that it's spite and incompetence? Well, I never!

British Gas says they know it's true, because they came round and read the meter in July.

I don't think so, Matey, because the gas meters are in the yard and the only way to them is through the gate.

Now the back gate came off and hit me on the head on Saturday 2nd June. I blogged it, see? And I'm pretty sure I've not used it since. In fact I've been carrying the rubbish through the house routinely on a Thursday night since it happened and, what with the rain, the flooded yard and the slugs, I'm not likely to get confused and think it's been mended now, am I?

So here we start again, the letter writing, the threat of the police, the imminent court action. Now Grit had better stop, because otherwise it'll turn into a rant, and we don't want that.

That I'm saving for British Gas.


Michelle said...

We don't have British Gas anymore but some other bill processing company I forget the name of at the moment. They send people around to read the meter, who are allowed entry to read said meter and then their computer generates an estimated bill anyway. What's the point? Does the computer reject the reading provided by their own staff as inaccurate?

And the electric company regularly reads the wrong meter for the property (located in the garage of the house opposite us for some bizzaro reason), generating a multi-thousand pound bill that to any normal person would strike them as unusual. Even a computer should have picked up on it.

grit said...

oh dear... there is no hope!

Jax said...

We don't have British Gas for almost precisely the reasons you've listed. I'd like to cut off Severn Trent water as well, but you aren't allowed to change water supplier. Don't get me started on the whys and wherefores of the two companies - most of it happened long before I had a blog.