Sunday, 15 July 2007

How to choose a video

Squirrel, Shark and Tiger are in the front room, deciding what video to watch. I've sent them in there to chose a video while I get peace enough to start chopping onions and opening a tin of tomatoes. The decision making over what video to watch will occupy about 15 minutes, by which time the water will be ready for the pasta.

But today there's a lot of noise. Squealing, shrieking, shouts of 'No! No! No!' Banging floorboards. More squealing. Thumping and whooping with joy.

So I go into the front room. There are knickers strewn about the room, on sofas, carpets, bookcase. Squirrel is in the middle, spinning round like a top, as fast as she can go. Shark and Tiger are on the sofa, excitedly shouting and pointing 'There!' 'No!' 'Now! Stop! No! No! NO!'

Squirrel shudders to a halt, swaying over a pair of blue knickers which she swoops to grasp and brandish high above her head, her arm outstretched and her face in a Whoop! of delight. 'Lion King!' she shouts, like she's the winner of the last golden ticket. Tiger and Shark launch themselves about the sofa in excitement. Squirrel hurls the blue knickers over the back of the TV and starts spinning again.

If this is the new means to select a video, let's hope we don't use it in the public library in town.

And the last knickers were for Roald Dahl's Matilda.


Em said...


grit said...

Are you alright Em? Have you slumped over the keyboard or have some sort of finger exercise going?

Em said...

no I wasn't alright. I nearly had to remove my own knickers. But that may well be too much information.

Been keeping an eye on you, as I'm about to be pretend-single-mother-of-triplets for two whole days as my partner is on a not-holiday in Germany where he honestly is working really very hard at the music festival, and my children arrive back from their dads today to find me and partners son here (who is also 5). Hope you kept up with that.

grit said...

i can only say, good luck. you may need it.

Em said...

well I've blogged today. Roll on the return of M. How am I going to get through tomorrow?!