Monday, 31 December 2007


And I suppose now we all have to make resolutions. Tsk. The excitement never stops. Always something going on. Then here's three.

1. Stop eating while walking about the house. If I see the children doing this I tell them off. And if I see Dig walking into the front room holding a cheese sandwich I tell him off too. But if I wander about clutching a few bits of cereal in my hand for breakfast I say I am too busy so I am allowed. People are beginning to notice and I have even heard talk of double standards.

2. Stop cleaning the shower while standing in it. This is a ridiculous idea and I wish I would stop it. For a start I get the cleaning cloth and face flannel mixed up because both look like grey bits of old towel. And by the bye I would quite like to imagine myself as that woman off the Badebas soap foam advert when in the shower, and not Hilda Ogden.

3. Stop living in chaos. Oh dear. Aunty Dee's Christmas presents are still waiting to be picked up at the paint-your-own ceramic studio, while Aunty Dee has been and gone. How was I to know the stupid shop would be closed between Christmas and New Year (apart from look at the information on the door in big red letters headed 'We are closed between December 24 and January 3')?

But I realise that New Year is not just about stop this and stop that. So here are three Must Try Harders. Now I've written that it looks like a rude instruction. Normally I'd edit it, but I'll leave it today because in the spirit of wild New Year's Eve abandon I have had a Martini.

1. Be a better vegan. I am a crap vegan because people are always cooking cakes and biscuits and puddings with eggs and cream in them. The fat and milk substitutes are easy at the expense of a rainforest or two to supply the soya and palm oil, but I must plan to have egg substitute and then convince everyone to try it. (I could be a better vegetarian too when Dig starts waving salmon about. I need to remember fish are our friends and not dinner.)

2. Perform a random act of kindness once a week. I will try to do this and in the proper thing of it too, and not just grab hold of some suspicious old lady who doesn't want help crossing the road but is an easy target to blog about.

3. I promise, I really do promise, to be a better correspondent and communicator to the lovely people I am so proud to know like Zia and Luna and Oo and Isbel and Brid and Big Kate and Fran and everyone that I think about often and see rarely. I promise, I really do. And that's a resolution.

Happy New Year.


Brad said...

You, My-un-met-lives-a-thousand-miles away-friend.

Crack me up.

Brad said...

Happy New Year!

grit said...

now i feel a big responsibility to keep going...