Friday, 14 March 2008

Blogging ate my day

Weighing up the day, I have to say that I have achieved bogger all.

On the other hand, I can shout Look! I have a proper side bar! With pictures!

At this rate I shall be experimenting with video.

Well that didn't work then.

But Dig would like everyone to know that it is Pi day. Not the scoffable sort, apparently, something to do with numbers. Dig is especially pleased because by accident he talked to the children about circumferences.

Clearly, now he thinks he is zeitgeist.


Brad said...

Well it's getting quite cozy here. I'm a bit put off that you have four awards to my one. But I'm a better man than that and won't hold it against you. I'm still lost when it comes to video. I'll let you no if/when I figure it out.

Off to the THEater (insert posh accent) tonight. Hopefully they won’t spot us as farmers and toss us out on our behinds.

Michelle said...

Ahem. I didn't upload the video . . . I delegate complicated tasks of that nature.

dragon boy said...

goodness me, it must be something in the air, today,quite by accident, i was able to teach trigonometry......a sentance I never thought i'd type!!

the mother of this lot said...

Well done!

Grit said...

hi brad - i hope i've actually been awarded these awards and not just gone and ripped them off. not that i would, of course...

michelle, i would get her for the turner prize if i were you.

hi dragon boy - it's true! as soon as i learned that i remembered what a radius was!

motl, you cannot know how much i am glowing in self satisfaction... but pride usually comes before a fall.