Wednesday, 5 March 2008

We have a table

This morning Dig says we have to look sharp because when the VAT inspector comes tomorrow she will need somewhere to work.

This evening I think that should be OK so long as she sits only at one side.

And brings her own chair.


the mother of this lot said...

Never make things too comfortable for a VAT inspector, that's what I say!

Thanks for visiting yesterday.

Trevor said...

Hi Grit

Um, just to clarify you actually have the award rather than just recommended for it like I said. All you have to do is steal it from my post on my blog and stick it to the side panel of yours. And if you can figure out how to do that then let me know.

It's not like it comes with a cash prise or anything...

Trevor said...

Prize! Dammit.

kissa said...

Let the VAT inspector sit anywhere there is a small space oh and don't forget to tell this person that untidyness is the sign of creative minds at work. Will that work? I have just found this blog it is fun I will visit again if I may.

Angela said...

You need that sign that I posted not too long ago.. the "Messy Rooms are a Sign of Genius" one. :)

What's a VAT inspector?

grit said...

hi motl, I sometimes visit your site for moral instruction on what to expect with girls, girls and girls... the drama doesn't subside, does it?

hi Trevor, that's very touching, thank you. I probably realised there was no accrediting body to which one could be recommended (there isn't, is there? no university of blog?). I might have to confess that my lack of haste in running off to your site and grabbing the award off the mantlepiece is that actually, er, I don't know how. Dig has to be here long enough to point at the screen and say 'press that button. now' i apologise for my incompetence. i had rather hoped everyone might think it really was a sort of blushing modesty.

hello kissa, i would be delighted if you return; i like glimpsing cornwall. we had a disastrous caravan holiday there a few years ago.

hello angela! we run a small business from home. a vat inspector can visit to see that we are paying tax on the goods and services we provide. they seem able to make unannounced visits, because in the past they have left notes through the door. this time they were smart and made an appointment.