Sunday, 25 May 2008

A day of achievement

I am sure we have achieved things. We must have done. Here are some things, and I bet they count as achievements.

1. We eye-spied our first harlequin ladybird in the back garden, skulking behind a dogwood stem. We reported the miscreant to the ladybird police. I even filled out a crime report. Squirrel bravely captured the rascal and put it in a jar. She wondered whether to feed it, but the ladybird police say Don't bother. It deserves to die. OK, they don't quite put it like that, but that's what it comes down to. Anyway, then we forgot about it and it rained, and now it's been out there ages on the table, so let's just say today's nature studies achievement has been to drown a harlequin ladybird in a jar of rainwater.

2. Shark, Squirrel and Tiger watched Animal Farm (1955 British animation). This is part of the follow up work that we're doing with the Film Studies. (Film Studies is an excellent cover, by the way, for loafing about on the sofa when it is tipping down with rain. I cannot recommend it highly enough to fellow home educators. We turn it into education by shouting out words like Plot! Character! Theme! If we are being really smart, I shout out Protagonist!) Anyway, despite the advances and achievements in literacy, citizenship, and the discussions to be had out of All animals are equal and some are more equal than others, I cannot watch this film. The bit about Boxer makes me cry.

3. Tiger starts work on her own model animation. This is about the goings on at a Roman amphitheatre. Here she is, setting out the scene. Thanks to daddy Dig who knows about these things, Tiger even has a blue screen set up on the wall, just in case the Roman amphitheatre needs to fly over New York.

This is definitely an achievement, although it has nothing to do with me. it is all Tiger's own, and daddy Dig's, because he helped.

And here is Shark as camerawoman. She has been elevated to senior position after learning that the thing will take a picture if you press the button.

Here's one of the main characters coming into the amphitheatre now. I bet you can barely handle the dramatic tension. Although I have vetoed the explosion, so don't look forward to that.

But best of all, Tiger has made herself a storyboard. She knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it. Consequently she does the full director thing of ordering everyone about. After five minutes, Squirrel, who is production assistant, goes off in a huff, so it is probably just like a real movie making experience. Fortunately the star of the show, a Playmobil gladiator, demands no wages and smiles throughout the entire experience. He is a delight to work with. I won't spoil the show for you, because when she has finished the movie and we have contacted Empire, then we will screen it here.

4. Achieving comment of the day goes to Tiger. Mummy Grit enthuses over Tiger's scribbled picture of a gladiator crawling along the ground and, clutching this superb art to her bosom while weeping silent tears of pride, possibly elevates her daughter to a status well beyond that presently enjoyed by Tracey Emin. Tiger, who has more grounded critical faculties, replies 'Huh. To me he looks like a rat on wheels.'


Brad said...

This should be fun. I'll start the popcorn.

Trevor said...

Well done to Tiger on her screen debut.

Oh, and like the 'here' link...

Kitty said...

Oh wow - can I come and be home educated with you? You have so much fun. Although I am very qualified at Film Studies - especially Disney Film Studies. x

sharon said...

Well done Tiger! This HE stuff is good fun isn't it. We never did things like that when I was at school. Do let us see the finished production, I can supply my own popcorn or even more sophisticated 'nibblies' to go with the champers Sweetie!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

oh the dramatic tension nearly brought on one of my turns. You do a fine job. You are a fine protagonist in the movie of their life.

I smile, but i'm afraid i do demand wages, in case you wanted to cast me in 'Gladiator II, This Time it's Personal...and on Wheels'.

Mean Mom said...

Your children have some interesting lessons! I don't know anything about home educating. I suppose you must be given some guidelines about curriculum? What about SATs? Do they have to do those? Oooh! I'm so nosy!

Kelly Jene said...

That is all just too funny. Looks to be a fascinating saga.

I love Film Studies by the way.

Grit said...

hi folks, thank you for your generous support for tiger's debut. she is working on the chariot race. we are not showing her ben hur yet. i like your title, pig. i may suggest that to tiger. kitty, of course you can come and help. we have been inspired by your craft bits so it is the least we can do.

and yes sharon! Home ed can lead us all into places we would not normally think of going ... from that point of view, i could not recommend it highly enough.

mean mon, please be nosy. i need encouragement to post a guide to home ed ...