Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Ministry of Truth gets to work

Dig: The sun is shining.
Grit: Humph.
Dig: The sun is shining now.
Grit: Humph. I do not want to know about it. I have had a miserable day.
Dig: What time is it?
Grit: 3 o'clock.
Dig: They have been grounded nearly 24 hours.
Grit: They are grounded.
Dig: Does that mean they are grounded from visits?
Grit: Yes.
Dig: But not from leaving the house.
Grit: Of course they can leave the house. They are in the garden now.
Dig: So they are not grounded for activities that mean leaving the house. (pause) Are they grounded from visits anywhere by car?
Grit: Yes.
Dig: Oh. They must not visit anywhere by motorised vehicle then.
Grit: That's right.
Dig: And they can move about so long as they don't visit anywhere.
Grit: That's right.
Dig: So they would not be grounded for movement under their own control outside the house.
Grit: I suppose not.
Dig: Such as a bike ride. One where they don't get off their bikes to do any visiting.
Grit: Are you seriously going to tell them that grounding now doesn't mean 'you don't go out', today it actually means 'you have restricted access via motorised vehicle to a place of interest'?
Dig: Yes.

4pm. Everyone is on a bike ride and I take a cup of tea into the garden while considering revisionism and the loss of Dig to the legal profession.


Kelly Jene said...

Well at least you got a moment of peace and quiet! That's good for something.

dragon boy said...

he's a good man! does he have a brother?!?!?

Grit said...

hi kelly jene! actually, i'm still trying to work out whether i have been undermined or supported on this one. but i did get a cup of tea and a break from the long, miserable faces.

dragon boy, dig has a twin brother ... but do not leap up and down in excitement. You will need to search the archives for Uncle Eff.

Maggie May said...

You've got me confused now!

Expatmum said...

Yes, I gave up allowing my husband to threaten any type of grounding since it would be me putting up with them all trapped inside the house. The fact that two of them are happy to lie around like the teenagers they are is beside the point. They would still gripe, whine and moan forcing me to beat them to a pulp.

Mean Mom said...

Men never get the timing right, do they? I think that they are supposed to take the children off your hands, for a while, before you get to the end of your tether!

Minnie said...

I used to ground my boys all the time. Fruitless exercise!! It nearly always used to end up in violence and near decapitation!!! Miraculously, they managed to leave home with all their limbs attached!!

Feel safe in the knowledge that at least you do not have to cope with neighbours a la Min, too:o)) xxx Hmmm...on that front.....all is quiet here... so something is about to hit the provervial fan!!! lol

Make your man suffer for undermining you. Shopping spree, visit to spa...he takes them out and leaves you at home in peace...type of thing? Yes, I know...dreams and all that!! If I win the lottery or anything like, I shall oik you out to such a place..with beer:o))xx

Pig in the Kitchen said...

He pulled rank on you! Noooooooo.

But it did give you a break.

Life is all about compromise.