Monday, 19 May 2008

In the darkest of hours

Grit rises early every day now to work in the silence of the dawn office, hours before the children tumble and crash down the stairs for breakfast.

Today it's 7am. I open the new academic workbook I have to typeset in 9pt Minion. And as I'm reading, red bleary-eyed, black coffee in hand, I am expecting the usual tombstone of text falling dead like a black lead slab down the screen. But then, what does Grit spy? A phrase which brightens her day, and brings her a smile at the innocent ivory world inhabited by the leading academic scholars of England...

To complete the research, the authors have made full use of the FANI. *

* To the rest of us non-scholars, a Fani does not refer to a lady's most tender and private part. No. This translates as Free Association Narrative Interview.


Lynn said...

LOL,thanks for setting my tuesday off with a giggle ;-)) xx

Kitty said...

That's great! A little light relief in the midst of your grindstone+nose equation. x

the mother of this lot said...

Hope you didn't spit your coffee all over the text.

Minnie said...

((chuckle)) You learn something every day:o))

Am I being observant here or having an elderly moment. (I know..probably the latter)...but your post dates are a week behind. This probably has some internety significance which is beyond me!!

Anyway, would hate for you to get your hands slapped by boring deadline people:o))

OK. I will go.


OvaGirl said...

I feel certain there's a lesson there for us all. How many of us can honestly say we make full use of our FANI?

dragon boy said... it!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

I've got totally carried away reading the posts i've missed and being provoked by your home ed ethos (in a good way), that i nearly forgot to post a comment! And now I have no amusing vagina joke to tell.


Grit said...

hello people! thank you for your many splendid comments. i am humbled, as usual, and possibly relieved, knowing that i am not the only person who might snigger at juvenile humour. next i will be snorting at the word Y Fronts. which i did see once, incidentally, scrawled in an asda supermarket carpark.