Friday, 9 May 2008

Matters of the universe

I feel guilty. It's that time of the month. I have to feel guilty for things that I do and things that I don't do.

It's strange, because I do not feel guilty when the image pops into my head that I would like to march right this minute to number 45 and smash all the windows with bricks. Then I will find the occupant and set to with a rubber mallet. He deserves it. He not only looked at me in a funny way seven years ago he now deliberately says hello if he passes me in the park because he knows it pisses me off big time. Kicking would be good, too.

Well I don't feel guilty about that. That would be a pleasure. I feel guilty that yesterday I didn't bring in the milk and that might confuse the milkman. Today he might see the milk there and wonder if he's delivered it already. That might upset him. He will start to wonder about his delivery schedule and why he's doing it and the point of living and then he will be in the same place as I am and I will feel guilty about that.

While I go off and consider proportionate response to the criminals of the neighbourhood and how to bring the milk in on time, here's a photograph of a gardener.

I will tell Tiger that because she has my genes, if her pansy dies she will probably bear the burden of grudge forever.


obeerg said...

Maybe we're related - I have the grudge gene too and I have successfully passed it on to the next generation. James (18) still remembers the time when his sister let his cuddly dragon fly free from the car window on the M4 (14 years ago), My youngest (4) still remembers that someone at playschool accused her of farting on her first day (lets hope they don't ever meet again..). Kate who is 16, forgives ... I just don't get it...strange girl...
It's always a joy to see your influence on your children!

Michelle said...

Her hair! Who did it? She never did that herself?

Maggie May said...

Blimey! I'd sit down for a bit if I were you!
Tiger looks LOVELY. I assume the other two look the same?!

Kelly Jene said...

Your girls are so cute! And other then the plotting of the unicorns, it looks like the grounding did some good.

Sorry about the rage/grudge issues. I, too, suffer greatly. Course the people around me (hubby to be exact) usually gets an earful from me about anything and everything that irritates me.

Have some wine and take it easy!

Angela said...

Hehe!!! Must be something in the air as well, because I, too, have been feeling a bit grumpy lately! Having had a hysterectomy I can't blame it on the time of the month.

I love the pic of your daughter though... she is beautiful!

sharon said...

Don't often bear grudges although the child that gave me Mumps when I was on Teaching Practice...mmmm ...even the name Rachel makes me grrrr. I think a grudge was justified as I was extremely ill and I never went back to college afterwards. My younger son in particular 'grudges' at Olympic standard, the other one, not so much. I blame their Father.

Re lessons, come over to the Southwest of Western Australia, just moved to a new house with a half-acre of non-existent garden so Shark's skills could be very useful lol!

Grit said...

hi obeerg, i am sure that normally i am good and well adjusted. it's only at particular times i become hyper sensitive. the sort of sensitivity that mnakes me want to weep at the colour green and kick cats. and i agree about the children. their capacity to store grudges is astonishing.

hi michelle, nannyjo did the plaits on a day visit some time ago.

hi maggie may, do not be deceived. it is just the floppy hat.

yes, kelly jene, wine is a good idea.

you are very kind angela! again, i think the hat is a key ingredient. she looks 8 going on 72.

hi sharon. after that experience i would bear a grudge against rachel too. i may take it on for you if you wish.

family affairs said...

Cute photo!