Saturday, 21 June 2008

21st June 2008

Today is so bad I want the date ripped out the calender and blasted into space on the back of a rocket never to return.

I can only say that the day has involved a great deal of weeping, fighting, loss of dignity, and has ended with the entire family grounded, possibly for the next 47 years.

At seven o'clock in the evening we are not at the local music festival as planned, but in separate rooms, staring sullenly at the walls, while we are called upon to consider what went wrong and how we might avoid such warfare in the future.

The first resolution I make, again, is don't get involved. Triplet fights mean that at quarter past four in the afternoon they are gearing up to slaughter each other. If they are left alone, by half past four they will be happily playing alongside each other. A mummy Grit coming along and having a big shout just makes things worse.

But we must look on the bright side. If I do not, sometimes I think I may kill myself, possibly accidentally through blood pressure; possibly deliberately by walking into a lake determined not to come out.

So here is Richard III, drawn by Squirrel. We are following his progress through June and July.

I know he does not look good, but bear with me. Because by this date, June 21st 1483, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, uncle and protector to the future king of England, Edward V, indefinitely postponed the boy king's coronation. Soon, the young Edward and his little brother disappear and Richard of Gloucester will become King Richard III, to be slaughtered at the Battle of Bosworth.

There you go. There are bleaker futures.


Suburbia said...

Oh that made me laugh! I hope that by now they are all friends again? Mine war regularly and you're right, it sorts itself out if I don't get involved. I can't imagine 3 though, 2 is plenty for me!

Potty Mummy said...

I hope you were writing that accompanied by a very large glass of red, Grit. You deserve it.

sharon said...

Oh that takes me back a good few years, my boys used to spend a fair bit of time in separate rooms too! I never got involved in their fights unless I had to physically separate them (there is 5 years between them which made for a huge disparity in size) but refused to put up with the noise and damage they caused. So, if they couldn't or wouldn't settle things in a civilised manner, off to their respective rooms they went until they could tolerate each other again. Eventually they all learn to accept their differences and co-exist in a relatively peaceful manner, honest. I had 2 sisters and even we learned to get along ok (most of the time lol)

Hope you had a nice sit down with the beverage of your choice while the girls were reflecting on the error of their ways.

Kelly Jene said...

Wow. That would be a bad day indeed. Hopefully the new sun will bring new attitudes.

Dori said...

See...perspective--that's why I come here! ;D

Kitty said...

Sorry to hear about your 21st June. I can't say I enjoyed it much either so will sign up for the abolition of same. I'm up for doing some other dates too - in fact the whole of 2008 is pretty shabby - can we just delete it, do you think?


the mother of this lot said...

Was the 21st Sunday? Yep, that's when my latest crisis hit as well. On the bright side, we're now officially on the run up to Christmas.

Maggie May said...

Oh dear Grit.......... that is so funny & I really hope you won't kill yourself! They say three is a crowd!