Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Doing OK

We are running through a good spell, educationally and domestic-wise.

On the domestic front, I have achieved this by not looking. Mostly at places like the sink, floor, all kitchen surfaces, toilets, bathrooms, stairs, bedrooms, places like that. I just walk around with my head held high. This is a strategy that enables life to get better and is therefore recommended for mental health.

Educationally I think we are doing alright too. Especially when, like today, we read about life in a swamp, then I hand over some cash* and the kids are taken off me while I shop for face cream. And while I did that, they did this.

That's right. Skiing lessons. Does this mean I am now eligible to introduce the triplets to the British monarchy at Klosters?

* And these lessons are certainly not full price. Home education is not always as expensive as you might think.


sharon said...

Have to say the girls don't look too enthusiastic in the photos or is it that they are on the lookout for stray Hooray Henrys (Henries?) to avoid?

Grit said...

it is boredom ... we have to be at the ski centre an hour ahead of the lesson slot and everyone has to wait around for everyone else and for me to find three helmets that fit and then there is the queue for the boots and then the slope pass and ... oh dear ... i am nodding off myself now.