Thursday, 19 June 2008

Photoblog Thursday

Printing workshop. Grit now wants a proper screen.


Em said...

its workshops like this that are to blame for us having a house full of coloured fleece for felting, lino boards and cutters for printing and now having a kiln.

Sometimes I think it would be cheaper to boycott craft based workshops.

Sally said...

I have a kids kit from a company called Gondwana for screen printing? Found them on Ebay from a guy who is the only outlet for them in the UK. In it is a large embroidery hoop and some fine mesh synthetic fabric that is held taught within the hoop. Maybe you could construct something. The best thing would be an old frame with fine mesh stapled tight to it. Also excellent for paper making. You could use a paper making frame if you have one of those! For the squeegie in this kit they have used a thick craft foam cut into a wedge.
Have yet to try using it, mind you! But the Gondwana kits are usually pretty workable, we find.

Sally said...

sorry, lack of possessive apostrophe on kids' and a strange ? at the end of the first sentence! Must be late or something! It's actually 2.27am .. though my comment says 18.25!