Monday, 16 June 2008

Staying put

The at home day. This is a day to do all the jobs that have been left undone for the last month because every day we go out.

Going out, meeting people, visiting places, joining in workshops, taking part in lessons and being involved in the world are all obviously an essential part of our home ed life, and not done just so I can laugh hysterically in the face of people who say things like 'Do home schooled kids ever go out?'.

Of course you can have too much of a good thing. And to those people who do say to me, regularly, 'The only thing that worries me about home education is the socialisation', I can only answer, I agree. The socialisation can all get a bit too much if it is everyday, so sometimes we must say No and stay at home. Because if we do not, the laundry does not get done, the sink never cleared, nor the floor swept, the milk bottles never washed and put out, and the hedge never cut.

In fact let's holler about the thing today we are so proud of, and let's shout it out to planet internet:

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Brad said...

Ah ! another lesson on right angles - clever you !

Well done.