Sunday, 22 June 2008

I'm having problems remembering

Dig says that one of my problems (yes, just one, don't ask him for a list) is that I only ever remember the bad things. So we could all have a wonderful time, like holidaying on the Amalfi coast, where you would think nothing bad could happen, and all I will recall is 'That was the time Shark disgraced herself at the ice cream parlour, Squirrel was mauled by a wildcat, Tiger screamed obscenities at the back of the Church, I had a breakdown when the triplets were invited into the apartment filled with decorative glass bottles perched on a glass topped occasional table, glass doors and stairs, and we weren't talking to each other'.

But I will go with Dig's theory, because I am sure there have been good things too. Here is a picture of Shark, Squirrel and Tiger, on an outing to the seaside at Seaton Sluice. If you are aged three, ice cream is a good thing.

Until you swing the ice cream to stop your sister making a lunge for it, and the sweet white cloud springs from the cone to land with a splat onto the gravel of the car park.


Brad said...

You could have a contest and see if we can tell who is who. Using body language I'm guessing Tiger is center, shark in the pink, leaving the other Squirrel.

Grit said...

tiger in white t-shirt with pink loveheart; shark centre; squirrel in pink t-shirt just about to lick that delicious ... oops! don't cry squirrel, we will get you another one.

sharon said...

How sweet, they look like butter wouldn't melt in their mouths never mind the ices. Re the lost ice cream, my eldest regularly did that even before he had any competition.

This may cheer you up, I caught the tail end of an item on a news programme the other day, apparently a 46 yr old grandmother in Brisbane has just given birth to naturally conceived triplets!!

Grit said...

hi sharon! i hope she gets lots of family help. i was told that if you are older, it is statistically more likely to conceive triplets. at that point i think they were trying to make me feel less alone in the world.