Monday, 2 June 2008

Overwhelmed by great flood

Drove back from Whipsnade Zoo just in time to make the drama group at six o'clock. Life is like this. I rush from one moment to the next in states of urgency and near panic. Then, when I eventually slump down in front of the computer, my brain shuts off. Sometimes I swear it leaves the room. Perhaps it goes off and has a cup of tea or a walk in the garden. It may even go shopping, but it probably forgets what it went for, so it doesn't come back with anything useful, like dinner.

I suppose this is a way of saying I had planned to sit here all calm and composed and type up a proper story of our trip to Whipsnade Zoo today, but my brain decided to up and leave. It has probably had enough, what with being hounded to find lemurs, chase cheetahs and run about after fish before they shut up the aquarium. Anyway my brain left my fingers on the keyboard, as you can see, so they still tippytappy away and even post photos of a sitatunga, peacock tail and cute otters that squeak nearly as loud as Squirrel in delight when she sees them and wants to go live with them forever, since they are a better option than her present family, apparently.

Or I could post a picture of Tiger. She is learning to do what mummy Grit does. She is running across a field at full pelt under a deluge.


Grit said...

i could spend less time blogging. that would lighten my load.

i just thought i'd suggest that myself before anyone else got in.

Michelle said...

Nah. 'Cos then you'd still be wrecked and running about all over the place and not feel you've achieved anything.

At least you're entertaining people :-).

Expatmum said...

Ah the English weather. can't wait, but must remember to pack rain gear!

Dori said...

my son wanted to tell you that he enjoyed the pictures of the animals--especially the otters!

Elibee said...

I am quite certain that your brain is somewhere with my brain having a coffee and moaning about the things they have to put up with.

Minnie said...

Yes...Good old English weather. (I heard it this morning at approx 5.34 AM!!) Junior spotted it on your blog...."Is it raining there?" And she loves the peacock pic.

My brain's gone awol, too. But I have an excuse.... seeing as I'm going to be a granny QUITE soon!! Eeeek God, I'm too young!!!!

Grit said...

well that is true michelle. i mean the bit about not achieving anything. i am just glad of the entertainment.

well expatmum, this is britain alright. right now it is pissing down.

i'm glad dori! i should post more happy pictures of otters! they cheer me up too!

elibee! dig is now back from sweden so i can have a cup of tea and look at the diary!

oh my goodness minnie! granny status is scary and exciting all at once!!!

Brad said...

I won't tell the goats that you've been cavorting with other animals.

sharon said...

Ah ha1 The return of the great English summer.

We had some wet weather recently, I really didn't like it, our shed was destroyed and we had a moat running around the house for a few hours... on the up side the fields are green again and the dams etc are filling and we can plant things in the garden without the need for constant hand-watering. Son 2 is down to help his Dad resurrect the shed this weekend, bless him. It's a joy to watch the two of them enjoying themselves out in the fresh air he-he.