Saturday, 18 October 2008

Because at no point can I say, 'Ask daddy'

Grit: And then we will drop off Shark at her lesson and you Squirrel will go to the playground. So wrap up warm because it is cold.
Squirrel: What?
Grit: I said wrap up warm because it is cold and you will be cold in the playground.
Squirrel: What?
Grit: How do you mean, what?
Squirrel: What playground?
Grit: The playground you are going to when we drop off Shark.
Squirrel: What do you mean drop off Shark?
Grit: You know Shark is going to her lesson and you are going to the playground.
Squirrel: You didn't tell me that.
Grit: Yes I did.
Squirrel: No you did NOT.
Grit: Do you remember that we are going to drop off Shark at her lesson? And you Squirrel will go to the playground? I am asking you to wrap up warm because it is cold.
Squirrel: You never told me that.
Grit: Well I'm telling it you now.
Squirrel: What?
Grit: I want to be locked away in an institution for a year because right now that seems preferable to having this conversation.
Squirrel: What?


Kitty said...

I feel your frustration sister ... in fact it does my heart good to know I'm not the only one. x

Butterfly-by said...

Children are sometimes like escaped lunatics, aren't they?

sharon said...

Of course you didn't tell her, why would you think that! Mine did that with depressing regularity. Sometimes I would give them a written itinerary the previous evening (the sarcasm was lost on them) only to be told the next day that they didn't realise I meant THIS week. Even now I have to ring and remind them of when, where and why we are meeting up with them, just to be sure.....

Minnie said...

Ahhhh. They are smart. I learned very early on that kids have selective hearing:o)

Grit said...

thank you for your comments, folks! i am so glad, like you kitty, that this is a recognisable child failure mode and not simply a defective squirrel.

and that idea of a written itinerary is brilliant, sharon. i'm going to try that every morning for the day ahead...!