Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Mad science

Tiger, on hands and knees, crawls towards a bucket of dry ice. Grit is reminded that buckets are usually for throwing up in, after a heavy session the night before. But buckets do not, in her recollection, normally produce something that looks like smoke, unless they are on fire. In which case the title of today's blog would not read Mad Science but Tiger throws up in a bucket which is on fire.

Yes, we attended a Mad Science lecture which we now vote as just about the best party entertainment going, only we can't remember much science and hope that words like sublimation enter our brains by osmosis. Whatever that is.

And just to keep daddy Dig informed while he is being wined and dined behind a light industrial estate somewhere near the North/South Korean border, this is what your little gritlets did next.

Threw themselves about in a contraption that looks like the the inner of a tumble drier

...hung lifeless from trees pretending to be sleeping leopards

...and failed completely to photograph any sister on the swing.


HelenHaricot said...

having been totaaly winnie the pooh brainwashed by my elder girl, i thought it was a jagular in the tree!!

Grit said...

what a lovely creation is that jagular. i shall remind tiger immediately.

The Boisterous Butterfly said...

I was worried about her upsetting the bucket with dry ice. What would have happened to the carpet? Would it have become frozen with a hole in it? Actually, I know nothing about dry ice and didn't even know that ordinary people could get their hands on it. Are you sure it is quite safe? Is it good to keep your beer and wine cold in?