Sunday, 12 October 2008

Six impossible things before supper

And we're off!

After breakfast Grit Dig and the Gritlets drive to Salcey Forest as fast as possible

to meet Linda Johns for her art tour which is so splendid and breathtaking that Grit says we are going to get out the chickenwire and do the same in the back garden

then dash straight to the lake where I do not know what comes over me but it seems like a good idea to put Shark and Squirrel together in a double canoe and that is probably the worse idea I ever had since I tied them together as toddlers in the three legged race which is the only time truly I have wet myself in public laughing because now they paddle out to the middle of the lake and proceed to smack each other around with paddles so the instructor comes over to see what the commotion is about

but I leave the water fight for Dig to watch and the instructor to umpire and I shove Tiger in the childrens playground

but at 4pm put Tiger in the car for the horseriding lesson

then drive back to the lake where Shark and Squirrel are fighting in the playground instead but I drag everyone out because we are due at the outdoor art exhibition

and the twilight glow in the dark party to see the drawings that Shark and Tiger completed yesterday afternoon with Sally Booth at her workshop

while Squirrel was busy with her ballet exam class and I am so glad glad happy that Dig is here all this weekend and especially today because if he were not we could not have achieved all this but I would have buckled under the strain to be in so many different places all at the same time and I might have been tempted just to stay at home and watch TV.


Samurai Beetle said...

HA! Two in a canoe! I can't even get along with my husband when when we do a tandem kayak!

Grit said...

hi samurai beetle! it was possibly the worst idea i've had in a very long time. when the first arguments started i had to leave that lake side or i would have had to go home and change my knickers.

sharon said...

A sort of aquatic 'pistols at dawn', bet Dig was really pleased to be home! Do you not take spare undies for everyone with you at all times? Along with the jam sandwiches, emergency chocolate and beer, I would have thought that a prerequisite for Home Ed.

An action-packed day, not at all sure I'd have the stamina to do half of those things :-)

Irene said...

You must have a barrel of stamina packed along with your supplies for the day. Or a never ending supply of enthusiasm. Good that Dig was there, bu somehow you would have pulled it off. I have an ever increasing admiration for you, but also see the fun in what you do a lot, providing you have a cheerful nature, which you seem to have.

Grit said...

irene, you are right that sometimes we do have fun - there are some days that everything seems to work, and that feeling of achievment is good... but on other days ... !

Grit said...

hi sharon, i do keep spare knickers in the car, but not for me ... although i have to say that size difference won't last that long, the amount of pasta my three are scoffing these days.