Thursday, 12 April 2012

Down with Skype

I think Skype is a totally inappropriate medium and should not be used by children.

I mean! They could meet anyone through that camera!

For example, they could see a grown semi-naked adult staggering around just upright from bed at 7am, falling out of a dressing gown with a coffee stain down the front, scratching their behind, then tripping over their own feet on the way to the shower and uttering a string of very rude words thanks to a smack in the face from a bathroom door.

How could any responsible parent allow their child to witness adults behaving like that? Any sensible parent would not let it happen. Stop them using Skype, that's what I say. You'll spare your child the traumatic and disturbing image of people who should know better. And you'll also save them the moment of total humiliation, when they have to sink their face in their hands and whimper, It's my mother.

Well, I for one am a responsible parent. Since this morning I have banned Squirrel from using Skype at the top of the landing at 7am.


Fran said...

I'd be more worried about who she was skyping you to!

Irene said...

I think that's hilarious ans I can picture the wgole scene in front of me eyes. I think you need more comedy like that at your house so please continue with Skype and tell us all about it. zoz

Grit said...

thank you for your comments, people. i look on the bright side. if the worldwide chums ever come to stay, they know exactly what they're in for.