Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Make the day what you can

Thanks to entering a depressive phase, I find the responsibility is on me now, not to give in to my self piteous blubbling stew of inconsolable miseries, but to find my instances of daily joy.

Then here, let me share it.

A delightful three tier cake stand, acquired today in Bury St Edmunds, centre for cook shops and all manner of cake stand choice: modern, vintage and retro.

Hmm, Lime Green Funky, Decorative Regency, or Service White?

Dear Bury St Edmunds! I cannot enjoy choice like yours in my Small-town-Home-town, I can tell you. We can have 'a curry or a fight, which one do you want first'? So you simply must excuse the Grit family ogling at your cake stands for three hours while we decide.

But then! Triumph! The moment we bring our new acquisition home (Service White), Shark sets about baking to load it up with her creations, before photographing the new kitchen treasure in arty poses.

(I have excluded the shots where she has used my moth-eaten wool jacket as decorative backdrop.)

But I can surely say, Yes. Today, this is my joy.

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Irene said...

I'm glad you managed to find joy under your depressed circumstances. You can't be in too much trouble if you are so easily relieved by a three tiered cake stand, although it looks very pretty filled as it is. I suppose you will now eat the whole display because that's what I do when I'm depressed. Good luck!