Friday, 27 April 2012

I bet there are unicorns in Africa

I amuse myself by making Find Me, Stanley. Homage to David Livingstone.

I told everyone about him in a sudden flurry of educational endeavour. I reckoned he has nothing to do with unicorns. He might inspire someone to work out the full length of the Nile in millimetres.

Anyway, Shark, Squirrel and Tiger listened politely, then pushed off to discuss whether you have to anchor a unicorn tail down to stop it popping up.

I went to make my notebook. By the way, I supply all notebooks with matching bags. I fancy you can keep your passions more discreetly that way.

Is Livingstone taught in schools? He's probably too controversial, what with the Christianity, Commerce and Civilisation that I read about on Wiki.

But I discover he was a man of his age. One of the first Westerners to cross central Africa, bringing Victorian values to a whole lot of new people. Whether they wanted them or not.

So I made it with tribal shield on the outside...

and a coconut cross on the inside.

The student of Livingstone could keep their explorations, discoveries, and password to the Livingstone discussion forum safe inside. Over fifty pages to keep your Age of Empire notes.

Squirrel regarded it, and said she thinks Livingstone probably did find a unicorn, so it's worth going back to take a look. You could pluck one hair from the popping-up tail and bring it home in the bag as proof.

I say, with my notebook, you need not wander lost. Maps included.

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