Sunday, 15 April 2012

Otherwise tasted of cocoa and vanilla

Morning walk, thanks to the geologists from Buckinghamshire.

Honestly, you need to find your local geology group. You can take to the fields and skies, and join in our soil and rock enterprise. You can span space and time as you navigate round your local quarry.

We can each learn about our horizons, limited and limitless, while we stare at veins, cuts, gouges, and ice wedges.

Best of all, here we are in touch with people who have found their passions. They are, in my view, the best sort of people. They let nothing stand in their way. A passionate person sees no boundary between amateur or professional; supremely resourceful and creative, they simply pursue their interests, come what may, regardless of judgement.

Thankfully, it also involves huddling in huts, looking at mammoth tusks. Just as well, because the wind has bitten my face off.

It is all to our local good. Squirrel comes home and sets about making a home educator's demonstration of solifluction.

Delicious. Especially after the rain came down on my slice.


sharon said...

We have just been watching a wonderful series on the ABC (Oz equivalent of the good ol' BBC) called 'Australia: The Time Traveller's Guide'. It is the best programme of its type I have ever seen. Starts at the dawn of time and catalogues the changes to the surface of the planet and how Australia ended up where it is today. Also lets us know where it will travel eventually - if we don't manage to blow the place up in the meantime! Wonderful rocks and fossils - it's just the thing for you and the gritlets. Do try to track it down. Worth every penny.

Irene said...

I like how Squirrel takes the knowledge and gives it a face sort to say. Makes it edible really. That does look appetizing. That bottle of rum would taste good with some pineapple juice on the rocks. I'll join you. We could get silently plastered. xox