Saturday, 14 April 2012

(Secretly, I love the hippies)

Shark, Squirrel and Tiger embark on their New Great Adventure.

Joining the Woodcraft Folk.

Squirrel tells me off after the first meeting. She says I have to do something about my social skills. Apparently, it is not okay to hiss at circle time, See? I told you they're just a bunch of hippies.

Well ladies, you can look forward to a summer of camping and outdoor pursuits. Me, I'll take you to the campsite, and then I'm staying in the local hotel where they can feed me a good dinner and a hearty breakfast.


sharon said...

Brilliant move Grit!

Irene said...

I suspect you of being a bit of a hippie yourself.

kelly said...

woodcraft folk is really good so I'm told. There isn't one near us but from what I can gather it's like Scouts without the marching, or something.