Monday, 9 April 2012

Your Easter fun ends here

This is what you need to see. A bunch of home educators on a public holiday, round the kitchen table.

We have the maths worksheets out, and we're armed to the teeth with protractors, compasses, pencils and rulers.

Worse, it's a bank holiday Easter Monday.

The only point of which is to provide an excuse to teach division of boiled eggs into latitudes and longitudes.

Tsk. We are beyond all normal boundaries of sanity.

So have this as proof, that home educating parents are a bunch of hot-housing slave drivers driven to control a child's mind and destine them to lives of grinding misery, purely so we can pursue our selfish goal of breeding children with an Oxbridge degree by aged 14.

Oh come one, I was locked in the house all day with kids. What else did you expect?

1 comment:

Irene said...

Did you take the test as well? That's what I would have expected of you.