Thursday, 26 September 2013

Call me Stringy Midden, Bottle Red Devil, Angel's Curse, and Piper's Piss

Spotter's walk, taken with ID botany guides, back-up flora books, home ed kids and dog.

I am totally inept at plant identification, messing up my pinnate with my pappus and my adaxial with my areole. I am, however, completely captivated by lovely, lovely botany words and would go live in a flower just to hear the gentle passers-by murmur Shepherd's Purse and Enchanter's Nightshade. I want those names, I want them all, and then some more; even where they don't exist, they should. What's in your neighbourhood? Old lady's bonnet, Creeping lady's tresses, Sow thistle, or Brandy bottle.

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