Thursday, 5 September 2013

Time for free food

There remain two problems in the damson jam session.

One is that we start the procedure at 9.30pm.

Don't ask why. That's life in home ed land. Where impulses and urges must be followed. Tinkertop learns to read at 11pm? No problem. Let's get out more books. At least no-one round here has to get up for school in the morning.

The second problem is the same as last year. How do you get the blasted stones out? I want them to float gracefully to the surface to be strained out while keeping the skin and pulp in the pan. Tell me it's possible otherwise I may have to have a temper tantrum with a pan of boiling sugar.


Fran said...

Mash them up with a potato washer, that rubs the skins and pulp off the pips. We do that with plums.

Grit said...

will try that! thank you!