Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Term start

See? Even I talk about terms, and I barely grasp what day it is. 

Our terms are mostly imposed by the Latin teacher who comes round once a fortnight to scare me witless with Cambridge Latin.

It's our first lesson post-holiday, and I was up until 11pm last night, revising.

I thought, if she suspects that I haven't maintained our declensions and conjugations, she will breathe in that terrifyingly withering way. It is a special technique all elderly Latin teachers have.

In other news, Squirrel attempts to teach two children aged under five how to play croquet.

For the very first time, I receive a bit of sympathy for 'what it must have been like', coaxing triplets round a National Trust property without being hung, drawn, and quartered by the custodians (who probably teach Latin in their spare time).

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