Sunday, 1 September 2013

We travel miles for this

We pilgrim to Apsley, land of Dickinson stationery*, to say Happy Birthday to Denis, the company's very own Fire Engine, 75 years old this year. 

He now has his own Fire Fighting Museum at Frogmore Paper Mill. Let's all celebrate, English-style, with a cup of tea and a fine collection of hoses, masks, and nozzles. 

I know some of you celebrate big time with hoses, masks, and nozzles. I sometimes click through the keyword search. I need only scatter a few punctuation marks about, break the lines for an elegiac pause, and I am rewarded with a bewildering, awkward, but strangely touching poetry, like this morning's early gathering:

Passive aggressive sex
with my vacuum cleaner.
Thank you for the invitation
but, unfortunate

And then we journey on to Dickinson's triumph, Frogmore Paper Mill! (Same building.) Here they make lovely recycled paper on an old machine.

(Not so very different from yourself, hungry searcher, I also have ulterior motives**.)

* I didn't know Dickinson pioneered the window envelope in 1929, did you?
** Not sex with machines/paper/window envelopes, but inclusion of recycled paper made on historic machinery into lovely, lovely, notebooks.

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