Friday, 20 September 2013

Le Nozze di Figaro

Here we are again at the Royal Opera House, this time for the matinee performance of Le Nozze di Figaro.

Okay, so the scene is not all perfect. I mean, I'm not wearing a hip-stroking green silk dress that rustles when I walk, and neither am in black sueded kitten heels, nor holding a pre-show glass of up-market champagne delivered to my fragrant, fingernail-buffed hand by a gentleman you wish could be yours.

For such a package of delight, I have to close my eyes and pretend. Because this performance of Figaro is the school performance, so remove the green silk and gentleman, and instead drop in Shark, Squirrel and Tiger, bunches of home educators, and 500 other kids assorted from near and far primary and secondary.

Well, all things considered, I ain't complaining as I position Shark, Squirrel and Tiger in their seats in the stalls at a price-per-backside about the same cost as the bus fare in and out of town.

Thanks are entirely due to the Royal Opera House who welcome small parties of home educators alongside large school groups. Simply put yourself on a mailing list and follow instructions.

Thank you, Royal Opera House, thank you a million times for helping bring up my offspring with access to world-class singalong, supported by world-class staging, sets, costume, and direction.

And you never know; you could have Tiger one day painting your back drop.

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Michelle said...

Way more than 500 I think. The place was packed as far as I could see. Capacity 2,256. So lots of school hildren (and associated supervisory adults) benefitted from the matinee. Superb.