Friday, 27 September 2013

No competition from the NHM

Chemistry afternoon chez Grit!

But I hear there is a big do at the Natural History Museum and the sub-branch at Tring. Real scientists are there! With stuff!

Damn. It is too late to cancel Grit's Chemistry afternoon. I have Peepah coming round and if I cancel, we will be lost. Even if, being in Peepah's company for Chemistry, it is like the blind leading the blind.*

So, Mich, this is what you missed.

Staring into water, while Peepah and Grit sadly shook their heads and wished it was gin.

Being thoughtful.
(We like to imagine. She spends most of her time gazing vacantly when I get out the Chemistry books.)

Card game. We changed the rules as we went along. No-one could do it anyway.

Going ooh and aah at Peepah's dolly chemistry set.

Piling up books so we look industrious and scholarly for the photographs.

Looking at something on a plate.

Aha! Squirrel redeems the day with a bag of filter papers and a felt tip!

Finally doing the Magic Tree grow-your-own-crystal kit bought at the charity shop in 2009 and left on the shelf in daddy's office ever since. The moment was right.

* Tiger says watching Grit & Peepah is WORSE, much WORSE, than watching a couple of blind people crash into walls, because the blind can count how many walls they have actually crashed into.

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