Saturday, 14 September 2013

Steampunk Asylum, Lincoln

Join Steampunk fun in Lincoln.

Honestly, I may not be attired in full goggles and corset, but the Grit spirit fits snug in with this delightfully bizarre pottage of English eccentrics. 

Who could not fall in love with Tea Duelling? Biscuit dunking sublimated from warfare. It should be adopted by the UN.

Or howabout the races, where lead boots are an obvious advantage?

Or a costume line up? (The restrained and modest attires.)

But of course I couldn't photograph Steampunks all day long; I had business to research. I am plotting those Time Travelling Knicker Drawer Note Books right now. And whether I should make my own corset.

I can see only one problem about my intentions here. The day with the wonderful Steampunks flipped out Tiger's mind mechanism. She was truly destabilised; we almost had a major freak-out by ye olde tea shoppe.

Grown men and women simply must not dress weird and behave in this silly manner!

I tell her, But you have been living with your mother all this time. Did you notice nothing about her?

We had to take her into Lincoln Cathedral* for a calm down.

We reversed roles then, because while Lincoln Cathedral calmed down Tiger, it almost certainly blew my mind. It is one of the most amazing, eye-punching buildings I have walked in, and I have been in a few, from the opera house up the Amazon to the great hall of the people in China. It was all anyone could do to stop me running about naked laughing in hysteria.

Lincoln Cathedral, you are beautiful, and a testament to the wonderful skills of humankind. If I could afford to pay for all the repairs to your lovely flying buttresses, I would do so in an instant.

*Go and visit, I insist. Wear your corset.


classicam said...

I also went to the Steampunk festival. I enjoyed it very much. My blog entry can be found here.

Grit said...

thank you for a very useful blog post to help my ongoing research! i have a stall there in 2014, so hopefully i will have enough books for buskers, skinners, ne'er do wells, mad scientists, adventurers, airship navigators, all general time-travellers, and antiquarian curiosity collectors!