Friday, 13 September 2013

On film, doing better than alright

I might be crap with maths but I am okay handling film (let's kindly call that Media Studies).

This week's Film Family Fun Night chez Grit is Laurence Olivier in Hamlet (1948).

Maybe that would do, but lo and behold, here's comes an unmissable upstage from the Independent Cinema outfit in the form of Aelita, Queen of Mars. This Russian sci-fi film (1924) is where Metropolis nods a thank you.

Obviously, there's a three-line whip to march the gritlings to Milton Keynes Gallery where, thanks to funding from MK Council and Arts and Heritage Alliance, Aelita is screened with live piano accompaniment.

I wasn't expecting to be so entertained (and educated) about Russian society in the early twentieth century. The narrative is fluent, the characters rounded and interesting, and there are jokes! From post revolutionary Russia! Better still, it set me off with discussions on Constructivism and Can you trust a Tsar? I'm counting that as an education even if I can't multiply 23 by 56 in my head.

Now if you are interested in film history/ twentieth century politics/ the Russian revolution, then turn down the lights, and enjoy a home screening.

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