Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Days don't come much better than this

I had a dream last night that the car had no fuel in it. I couldn't afford to fill it with fuel, so I just closed my eyes to that fuel gauge and carried on driving, hoping the problem would go away. And guess what? It did! The car just kept on running, even though there wasn't any fuel in it.

At some stage I got out the car and ran into a phone box because my mobile didn't have any battery power, and I rang Dig and told him to come quick because the car had no fuel and it might stop working. And then magically Dig arrived, even though he is right this moment in Germany, and he sat next to me in the car that was still going places even without fuel, and then we started looking for the kids, because somewhere along the line, I'd lost them.

This state of lost childhood and no fuel was sort of hilarious to us, and needed us to check into a posh hotel, something a little seventeenth century, and have a few drinks and some hysterically funny conversation before coming out again to drive off in the car with no fuel. Really this was the best dream ever and I didn't want it to end. In fact when I woke up I carried on thinking about what fun life should be, with no fuel. And possibly no responsibilities either.

And even though the car is really very low on fuel and I am totally without funds for that, never mind, because thanks to our excellent parks department who put on an art and craft walk in a wood, this is what Shark, Squirrel and Tiger achieved this morning...

Before going off for a four hour swim with Am while I manage some tip-top quality chat with Jol.

After that I think I could even try driving with no fuel.


Retiredandcrazy said...

No, don't do it grit. Driving without fuel only happens in dreams.

Grit said...

oh no! only in dreams?! like everything else saucy and irresponsible?