Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Grit's world meets Dig's world

In Dig's world, this sort of thing is normal. Look, here's the sort of leg room British Airways gives you in First Class.

Didja see the glass of wine there? And the jimmie jams in case I feel the need to press the button, convert the seat into a bed and order more wine? From the butler? Hey, just take a peek at brunch. They lay the table!

This is all very different from Grit's world, which is dog class. We are usually stored somewhere back in the hold while the air flight attendant throws a dried biscuit at us somewhere over Dusseldorf, and only then if we are lucky.

Grit is a bit knocked out by this contrast and wonders how she can be married to someone who can have this in their world view while she has to mop up sick and lives her life in fields, sometimes with a monk who has a pet moth.

She may need to spend a while considering the life that Dig lives compared to the life that Grit lives. It would not be unreasonable for her to come up with a few demands.


Samurai Beetle said...

Agreed! Suggest to demand first class flight to visit your friend in Dubai. I hear the shopping there is amazing.

Can't believe your trip is already over!

sharon said...

Actually, perhaps Dig should do a swap with you for 1 week a month (not unreasonable) and live your life with your budget while you recuperate in a Spa somewhere. Just a suggestion...

I flew Business Class once, unfortunately only from Sydney to Coolangatta(The Gold Coast) but I could definitely acquire a taste for it lol! It would certainly make the prospect of a trip back to the UK more appealing. Mind you, at the moment, even traveling in a cardboard box by sea-freight isn't financially viable . . . ho hum, maybe I'll get the correct Lottery ticket this week - hmmm, no, I don't think so either :-)

Pig in the Kitchen said...

not just a few Grit, MANY.