Thursday, 28 August 2008

The den building challenge

Here's a den.

That's quite a professional looking den, for a kiddy den building game, don't you think? That's an art house den, suitable for the Venice Biennale or the North American Rainbow Gathering.

Or how about this one?

That's a cool den. I could use that at Glastonbury.

Then there's this one:

I could build this simple den in woodlands round Berlin, then join in with the Love Parade.

I quite like this next one. There's a touch of the macabre about this, so it might be suitable for the Near Death Pilgrimage in Spain.

And here's a den, built by Shark. She's not working in a team because she is working on her own. Don't go near her, that's my advice. And if you tell her the fence post will never skewer in the ground, she may kill you with it.

It took her an hour and a half to realise she can't skewer a fence post in the ground, so she ties it up between two trees with some string. But oh dear! We are hunted by grizzly bears! Shark does the pragmatic thing and drapes over it the flag of Nigeria. There are no grizzly bears in Nigeria, which means we should be safe.

And while Shark was building that, Squirrel and Tiger were building this.

The fashion designer's goth den.


Angela said...

Love this!

Minnie said...


Maggie May said...

What original tents. Will they survive the rain & storms that we are having though?

Jonny's Mommy said...

Much better than I would have done. :-)

Trying to catch up on so many of my blogs I haven't had time for this summer....Well, I've had time to read, but little time to comment and especially with my dying computer at home!

sharon said...

I'm with maggie may given the weather you are having over there. Perhaps ark-building would be a more practical pursuit!

Actually the edifices did remind me of my younger son's attempt to build a shed for Daddy. He spent weeks bringing home twigs and small branches from the local park, convinced that he and the aforesaid Daddy would be able to build a magnificent shed. Ahh, the innocence of youth, once he turned 4 he realised that his Daddy was a huge disappointed on the practical front and henceforth all building projects were referred to me (bugger!) and Daddy's efforts were known as 'destroy-it-yourself'.