Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The sensible thing

Dig does the manly sensible thing and hires a driver and guide. This is possibly to get Grit off the streets altogether and thus protect the citizens of Cairo from another impromptu bit of theatre.

Hiring someone who actually knows where they are going, and how to get there quickly, might also be something to do with Dig preserving his reputation as a man about the world, capable of striding about in a commanding way, and seeing these:

Step pyramid at Saqqara

We have to think of the alternative. Can you imagine coming back from Cairo and being asked the question, Did you see the pyramids? And answering, No. We got lost and couldn't find them.


Brad said...

Complete and utter travel envy.

Does dig need an assistant?

Potty Mummy said...

But you see, that response to 'did you see the pyramids?' is one Husband and I are more than capable of making... (though I have to admit we haven't been to Egypt so far, so will have to settle for having missed other must-see landmarks round the rest of the world instead...)

sharon said...

Taking the alternative route to see the alternative sights is not LOST and that's all I'm saying!