Sunday, 16 September 2012

Home educators missing out?

Too right. I'm missing out plenty.

I'm surrounded by a dozen home ed groups scattered across four counties, and they're all busy with activities that are far too interesting. One group is making a film. Another has organised a photography course, and a third is sat under trees, telling stories. Clashing with activities the kids already do, I can book in for none of them. And I won't even mention the drama group, swimming group, French club, Mandarin lessons, museum workshops, art gallery trips and the countless visits I can't sign us in for. Honestly, I haven't got a handy 236 hours in each day.

And have you any idea what just one of the local home ed mothers gets up to? She's organised golf lessons, sledging, skiing, trampolining, and horse riding. You naysayers, roll your eyeballs at that and say pushy mother, but where's she pushing? At the local sports facilities, youth clubs, and community centres. Exactly where a member of a society should be pushing.

But there's a problem, so we don't usually join in. Her children are aged nine and seven; most of the group that muster for a sports calendar are aged under 11. But Shark, Squirrel and Tiger say they want to be around the early teens groups. See? I have to let those activities slip away again.

Ditto. Say We'll have to give it a miss for the home ed South group, the home ed North group, the home ed East, West and just-off-the-M1 group.

But wait. I've only referred to the activities that are public. When I say public, I mean public to me, as a home educator, not public to schoolies!

Privately, groups get together for lessons, exams, co-ops, meet-ups - and they're sorted between known people, preferred people, people who you know share your kid's interests and values. Hey, I cook up one of those myself, with the fortnightly mappers.

So this is my problem. I'm missing out. Home ed life is too busy, rich, and varied. I can jot down 15 activities a week to choose, easy. But I only have seven days in each week. I have the age-related interests of three children to organise. I must focus on those activities likely to be critical for their choices in the next teenage wave, and I have a terrible streak of juvenile distraction.

Now, I simply must down tools and drive off to Anglesea.


kelly said...

It's exhausting isn't it? At least yours are all the same age. I have one who goes to a small people HE group, one that likes the young teens group, two that like the local commu e where they can run free and wild with a bunch of hippy HE-ers, and that's before the structured, organised groups and lessons. If the LEA ever need proof I shall show them the miles on my car.

Grit said...

i take my hat off to you, kelly. the mixed age thing, that would be hard work indeed.