Thursday, 6 September 2012

Yes, that's what I want!

Yes! For the national cause of home ed! So that all parents know they have a choice!

I want a permanently maintained set of alternative education resources in the library.

A neutral, non-judgemental, open-for-all space.

We keen home-educating library-visiting types can help maintain it if you want! While we're about it, give us a permanent display board too, where we can stick up the artwork created by our brilliant otherwise-educated kids, then we can do what we do best: show off to every viewer the picture of Tinkertop's flower and brag off to the local Primary School, Na-na-na-na-na! We're doing it better than You!

But yes! A place for home education! And a display board! And folders, where we can pass on leaflets, legal information, pointers to educational resources, contacts for home ed organisations, information on exams for external candidates, people to contact if you need help for your child to sit GCSEs or A levels, pointers to helpful websites, contact names of people who assist FE and HE transfer, in fact everything education-alternative that the Local Authority can't ever know!

It would be fantastic. The Jesus for Education group would turn up first thing Tuesday morning, library opening time, and heroically leave a thousand Jumble Sale for the Lord leaflets. The secularists would get wind of it by Tuesday tea-time, come round, and dump the lot in the bin.

By Wednesday the happily innocent organiser of the LA-friendly home ed group will helpfully leave all the practical information any interested and observing party could possibly need - times, dates and places where your local home ed group is meeting, and for what purpose!

Word will get round about that. The folks on Backend Street who like to remain under the radar will come over, sabotage the information, and send the Community police officer, the EWO and Mr Spooky off to an abandoned city centre car park to stare at each other glumly a week come Thursday.

By which time there will be blood on the library carpet, spilling between the EO rep and the HEAS rep and the woman running the campaign against HSLD, and it'll all be made worse when the autonomous wing turn up, what with the Jesus for Education group, and the secularists, the flexischoolers, and the Marxist who believes that we surrendered our identities to the global corporate con when Janet added to the Official Home Ed Library Folder a leaflet advertising a BOGOF deal at Pizza Hut.

But yes, truly, I think a non-judgemental, neutral space in every town library (with display board) is a very good idea.

I just can't control my naughty side.

Probably not for laughs.

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