Sunday, 30 September 2012

See you later, daughter

Thanks to the news - maths teacher runs away with teenage schoolgirl - our local group fell into that conversation. Again. The one that starts, Would you trust your daughter to them?

No. Not if we're talking education. For which read, learning about life at a speed my daughters feel comfortable with; learning about themselves, their skills, interests, ambitions, intellects, desires. I trust the world at large; the world that isn't containment and isolation. Outside, in this world, with luck I can keep my eye on proceedings, know my daughters, myself, our contacts, the community, this society.

If we're talking grades at exam passes? Schools have a process for that. But still I trust myself to help pin-point the help each daughter needs with those GCSEs, A levels, university entries.

If we're talking physical risk? Sure. A bunch of middle-aged men are kitted out in skin tight suits walking backwards into the local quarry, taking my daughter Shark with them.

And that is no problem at all.

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