Monday, 17 September 2012

My mother would understand the attraction

Had to visit Chirk Castle.

Needed to, ever since I fell in love with Roger Mortimer.

Yes, mutter about the age difference, if you must. Seven hundred years? Sounds like nothing to me. If anyone likes to count such time-trifling, Dig was born in the eleventh century.

And the other hazards too, with Roger, my Roger. Ignore Isabella. I'm sure it was just a passing fancy and nothing serious. Not referring to her. I mean the dark deeds. Like murder, deceit, connivance, deposition of a divinely appointed king, that sort of thing. Ya ya ya ya. To me, simply makes him more thrilling and dangerous.

I can trace the moment, of course I can, when we met. And I learned who Roger was - 'brutal, intelligent, passionate, profligate, imaginative, and violent'.


Christine D said...

Oh, how I hear you on the age difference problem! I'm so delighted to find someone else on the web who's in love with Sir Roger I'm even willing to share.

Grit said...

hi Christine! i thought he was fantastically brought to life by ian mortimer's book. i'm minded to get it down from the shelves again and revisit.

Christine D said...

Yes, absolutely. He has a true gift of insight into the humanity of the people he writes about, not just giving dry facts, but explaining what they say about the individual, given the norms of the time. (On his blog he mentions having once written an unpublishable attempt at a novel about Mortimer and Isabella - what I'd give to read it!)

I'm far more used to having fandom crushes, so it's been difficult for me having no one to blabber on about him to, hence my finding your entry. Looking around the rest of your blog, I'd just like to say that I too am a hairy legged hippy - and always wished I'd been home-schooled, or at least allowed to spend all day reading in the Britis Library instead of going to school. For one thing, it allows children the chance to follow their passions and interests, and you learn so much more, in so much more depth, when it's something you've been drawn to from your own explorations. So anyway, yay you.