Sunday, 23 September 2012

I accept the chair

In recognition of Grit's enormous scholarly achievements, her ground-pounding research into home education while standing in fields and ditches, and her many original and worthy publications at the University of Pontification, she is today awarded her very own Birthday Chair.

Professor Grit modestly stated, at the official Chair Handing-Over Ceremony, I accept this honour and I will bring my own blankie, as The Chair is positioned just by the fire and opposite the TV.

To mark the dignity of the ceremony, Professor Grit will this evening lower her stately rear end into The Chair, then we will all watch Taming of the Shrew (Zeffirelli, 1967).

Prof Grit will end proceedings by leading the little grits in a chorus of Not Bloody Likely in close harmony before bed.

Thank you.


Fiona said...

To be followed in due course by your accepting the post of emeritus chair, which I trust will involve an actual fencepost or similar (possibly driven like a stake through the chair)

Grit said...

absolutely fiona! and i want it both ways, upside down and back to front.