Monday, 24 September 2012

Whatever happened to John Cabot?

One story goes that John Cabot sailed from Bristol in 1498 and was never seen again.

Our home ed mapping group come up with some theories. He bumped into America and decided to settle in Newfoundland; his ship was lost at sea and he is at the bottom of the ocean; he sailed too far north and was eaten by a polar bear; he was abducted by aliens and is living on the moon. To introduce their theories, our mini scholars produce between them a presentation, a news report, a dramatic reenactment, and an animation. Then we all applauded each other, laughed a lot, and ate biscuits.

Who can possibly think that home educated children cannot work together in any project nor collaborate to produce any results?

Who can imagine that parents do not have the responsibility, authority, skill, perception nor understanding needed to educate their own?

What we need is more understanding that home ed is suitable and efficient, can be perfectly tuned and tailored to the age, aptitude and abilities of each child, produces some satisfying results in all disciplines and comes with no terror, no bullying, no prescriptive toilet times, and a hugely supportive network of people. And biscuits. We need lots of biscuits, including home-made flapjacks and chocolate chip cookies. And cake. Add that, too.

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