Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Perfer et obdura!

Vero, the little grits from the scholae Grit have begun their studies in Latin. With a TEACHER.

Ita vero, you read that right. Her name shall be Lingua Latina and she comes round once a fortnight.

As a real proper ex-teacher of the retired variety and the spit of Giles' Grandma, she wears a gabardine coat, flat woolly hat and a stern expression of grim control. She is to sit at the kitchen table on a stash of Cambridge Latin Book 1 whereupon she will lay down the law regarding glue sticks and pencils.

But I know it for what it is, this teacherly authority over the crayons and the six-year olds, thus cannot help but love her for her weaknesses. I know they exist. I am looking forward to Latin lessons enormously. I have quietly resolved to learn mischievous Latin phrases and drop them in our innocent games of Snap! at unguarded moments. And in this naughty provoking endeavour, I am finding X-treme Latin is helping, enormously.

Sit iucundus tibi dies.


teridr said...

The Cambridge books are good, and the gritlets will probably love the witty twists in the Latin stories as much as my kids did. If one of them has a yen to know how to put words together into sentences in Latin, though, the best book out there is Getting Started in Latin. Even my 6 year old got it. And no, I'm not selling anything -- I just really like that book, especially beside the Cambridge with its pretty pictures.

Grit said...

Brilliant, thank you. everything helps!

Iota said...

I think you should call her Veronica (Vero for short, of course).