Friday, 7 September 2012


Heritage Weekend! I love this weekend, except there are far too many things to choose. We usually end up staring at a 1940s armchair in Bletchley.

But not this year! I am planned. I can fit all heritage events into our busy social calendar! Except the Shakespearean recitals at the Arts Centre. If I am to attend that, I merely have to gatecrash the private preview this Friday night with the Lord and Lady Mayoress.

So yes, we do that.

Of course I don't tell the little grits! I tell them the man with the chain is game for a laugh, and is joining in with the Tudor dressing up theme by putting on his home-made necklace of Esses.

I only tell them what we have accomplished on the way home in the car. Tsk. There's no need for all that gasping and horrified staring. I say, education knows no barriers, especially not social ones. And it's an education in itself, to brazenly walk somewhere you're not invited, no-one knows who you are, and then spread out your picnic cloth and rip open your value coleslaw.

Girls, treat it simply as another life lesson.

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