Wednesday, 7 August 2013

But you have to know the secret

I want a Knicker Drawer book to be a book you discover in a story; the small hand-sized leather-bound book you might come upon while you are rummaging in an attic or a junk shop; you never knew it was there, but here it is, tucked away, wrapped in cloth, stowed safely, intentionally, maybe at the bottom of a crate, or in a box, or strangely placed behind a splintered wooden panel. You find the book, feel the soft cover, see that it is chained and sealed, and wonder how to open it. Take a moment to think on that. Maybe it would be better if the book stays sealed. Who knows what you might discover inside.


Irene said...

How lovely. I would want to know what was inside.

Grit said...

i might never sell this one irene, but use it for all the family skeletons, then hide it under the pipes in the loft. xx