Thursday, 1 August 2013


Pack up and go home day!

Farewell, field at Stonham Barns! Arrivederci, home education HesFes gathering! Au revoir the debating corner, the talks, workshops, music sessions, strange hair brigade and the delightful furniture shop where I succumbed to the charms of your shabby chic candle sconces.

It was good, people, but I lamented the absence of the solar powered cinema, and I would fare better with choices in hippie food beyond pizza and chips.

Shark, Squirrel and Tiger delighted in their feral pack-gathering, happily joining up with the Hertfordshires and Hong Kong home edders to be about their unfathomable business. Me, I sat about in the travelling library, or hung out with the Shanghai contingent and Ida from up the road.

We all agreed a useful policy to promote home ed was to spend yet another year bludgeoning the public with information of their legal duty and freedom of choice, helped along with tales of our wayward outdoor ways, warts and all.

At least then, mama and papa of Tinkertop, you know what life she can have, once set free from the school's zero-arts policy, the uniform grind of a daily maths and spelling test, and Mad Jessie of 3G who stalks her on Facebook.

Thus I hail our annual home ed gathering, all round, another roaring success! (I have to. I have no Plan B.)

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