Saturday, 24 August 2013

This should be my edukashun record

All this knicker drawing won't inform the woman at the local council should she come a-calling,will it? I must remember, this is the intention of the blog. To keep a record of the education offered to the gritlings Shark, Squirrel and Tiger. Even if it isn't taken up.

Well, be ye not afeared, Woman at Desk in Local Council. Grit provides this blog as the source of all her home education information.

Here we go. Deep breath.

We offer maths (waving a GCSE text book about); English (reading loads and loads and loads, watching films, and suffering mama with a childishly silly voice while she pretends to be Mr Wopsle); Latin (scary teacher once a fortnight); chemistry (cooking); biology (trying to grow Cedric the caterpillar in a jar. I think Cedric is dead. Squirrel says he moves when we are not looking); art (drawing pictures of horses and stuff); history (visiting places and listening to Radio 4 history of science programme while mama shouts Did you hear that? Did you? I'm putting it on the iplayer); physics (rolling marbles about the floor and twanging rubber bands); PSHE (living); geography (mucking about in the local river); music (mama turns up the volume for Mark Radcliffe's folk show, Wednesday at 7pm on Radio 3); sport (Shark - subaqua but cannot do it while has hole in knee; Squirrel - horse; Tiger - alternate horse); religious studies (listening to mama arguing with Radio 4 TFTD and telling Anne Atkins to shove her face up her arse); and loads of other stuff not even on the tick sheet you use! Like we do Law, Politics, More Cooking and Banging Nails into Wood.

There. I think I did my duty by Woman at Desk. That should provide enough summary information, maybe until about next June.

Guidelines for Local Authorities here.

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Frugal Mum said...

I am dreading this part of home ed, having to provide evidence for the powers that be grrr

Sharon x