Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Once again with Hunger Games

Just about a perfect day as you get.

Bunch of home ed kids get together to kill each other; wood & dog walkers bemused; I enjoy wood.

(For those interested in running the same, the rules we play by, below).

Games last 2 hours.
You need two bases for play: water and food. You must sign in for water every 20 minutes and food every 30 minutes. A parent is at each base to record your arrival. If you fail to sign in within the time, you are out of the game. There is no need to tag in for food or water in the last 15 minutes.

Each tribute (player) wears three ribbons. One ribbon on each shoulder, one ribbon on the chest. In combat you try and get each other's ribbons.
If you lose one of your shoulder ribbons you are injured.  If you lose both your shoulder ribbons you are out of the games. If you lose your chest ribbon, your wound is fatal, and you are out of the games.
If a tribute gets you out, you can't then grab for their ribbons. We rely on you being honest about this.
If you are wounded (have one shoulder ribbon remaining) you can receive medicine from a Medical Base. (You can go to the medical base when you have lost an arm ribbon, but should only take one ribbon.  You can't 'stock-up' on spares!)
If you go to the Medical Base, your new ribbon counts after you have attached it to yourself.  If another tribute grabs your one remaining shoulder ribbon while you have your new one in your hand you are out.
Players who are out, return to the parent at the picnic site.

The first player to successfully tag the Base Tree after the two hours has elapsed.

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