Monday, 5 August 2013

Not much and everything

Spending the week out of action.

Which means avoid all people with shingles, measles and chickenpox. I am therefore not taking Squirrel to her Astro Club, swerving the sand pit dig, avoiding the early music concert, and staying out of Norfolk.*

The children in my care I will abandon while I creep backwards and forwards to the vampire nurse.

Happily, Squirrel and Tiger begin some bizarre August animation experiment today at a local arts centre. I think this adds nicely to their holiday projects, and will help fill out the week when they are not bashing rocks, pulping newspaper to spread all over the back doorstep, and swinging on the hammock complaining it is broken.

Which means, dear reader, there will be not much home-educational for me this week. Left to my own devices, I intend only to research jewellery in the fourteenth century, read this blog, listen to the radio, and make lovely, lovely notebooks.

*I would hate to suggest all residents of Norfolk have the pox. I wishfully marked out a geology tour on the North coast but, all things considered, it has been put on hold, become yet another of Grit's goals, to be achieved in yet another time.


Irene said...

Maybe you were meant to have this time out. You were probably overextended and this is mother nature's way of slowing you down. I say, enjoy yourself.

Grit said...

i think you are right. august is declared a holiday, held at a less frenetic pace than normal. xx