Saturday, 17 August 2013

Daphne, cake, August, etc

I had pencilled into the diary the outdoor cinema event, but by 2pm I am indoors, wearing two fluffy jumpers and a coat, feeling the need to don my woolly socks and shutter the windows from the beating rain. In my new spirit of stay-at-home, I decided to not sit in a fold-up chair in a wet field. I am a bit sad about that, because I still feel it's what I should have done, but I am trying to indulge myself elsewhere.

Anyway, it is August. Strange, this means - even though we don't do school and I have no pressure to follow any targets, times, or tests - I still breathe an educational sigh of relief; I take August as a holiday, and feel righteous in abandoning and ignoring my offspring in the hope they will wander about looking bored.

Left alone to my own intrigues I flip through the newly purchased Latin book (recommended) and am reminded of Ovid's Daphne. Kindly, I stitch her a notebook so she can chronicle the chase and the change. (Not that she can ever open it with her weathered twiggy fingers.)

Sadly, the children do not become bored, so I have failed on that parental holiday obligation. Squirrel is up to her inscrutables, Tiger plays the horse game, and Shark researches fish, emerging at one point to cook cake-on-sticks without the sticks.

I think they could make excellent atoms, so anyone coming round here for chemistry, at some point you can expect to make these.


Fiona said...

Intrigued by the picture: cake on stick? won ton?

Grit said...

i am not totally sure how she did it... i think she made a normal cake mix, then separated it into big crumb bits, gooed it up into balls with jam, and wrapped marzipan round. theoretically it sounds like it could work. but the balls fell to bits every time she tried to wedge in a stick. ...any suggestions how to make cake on a stick gratefully accepted.

Fiona said...

I'd cross to the other side of the street if I came across any marzipan but can see it's good for wrapping up squodged things

HA said...

Cook cake, crumble it and stick back together with jam or butter cream. Pop in fridge to cool then dip into melted chocolate. Have only made once due to cake sinking in middle - they were yummy :)

Great blog!